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ULab Alicante & RedCat Media are proud to present

Alicante Photography Competition and Exhibition Number 2!
Summer Photos

Welcome to our new “Summer in Alicante 2023” Exhibition and Competition at Ulab Alicante!
Immerse yourself in the essence of summer through our captivating “Summer Photos.” This unique exhibition will showcase a collection of stunning images taken in Alicante, Spain, during the summer of 2023.

But we won’t limit this exhibition to just our curated collection! We want to see your summer in Alicante and reward you for it! Whether you are a photography enthusiast, amateur or professional, we want to see your best summer shots for a chance to be part of this exciting display. We believe that every photo carries a narrative, and we want to hear the stories that make your summer moments special and unique.

How to participate? Simply submit your favourite summer photos captured with either a camera or a mobile phone, and don’t forget to accompany each image with the story that goes along with it. Whether it’s an unforgettable sunset shared with loved ones or a spontaneous adventure that left lasting memories, let your story add depth to your captured moments and showcase the magic of Alicante during this vibrant season.


  • Family friendly – no nudity please.
  • To enter you must be over +18. Anyone younger must have their parent or guardian permission.
  • PHOTOGRAPH MUST BE TAKEN IN ALICANTE – They can be of whatever you like.
  • You can use any format – Mobile phone, DLSR, Film, we don’t mind!
  • You are responsible for printing and displaying your submission for the event. Please use BlueTac to display and not damage the walls.
  • You have a max width of 100cm, you can display your work in this space how you wish. (If you want to do something outside of this space, please reach out to us at contact@redcat.es)
  • Competition entry free, but €2 fee to exhibit, per photo exhibited (maximum of five entries per person), paid in cash on the day for the prize fund.
  • To enter email competition@redcat.es with the subject “competition” and include your name and contact details.
  • We will contact you via email to let you know if you can print your work and exhibit.

The Competition

We will carefully review all submissions and will select the best 30 photographs to be exhibited alongside our curated collection. 

This will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase your talent and share the emotions and experiences that lie within your photography.

You will be able to vote for your favourite images on the night and the winner will receive endless praise and accolades as well as all the money collected as entry fee and a small prize from all of us at RedCat and ULab. 

You can send your images here : competencia@redcat.es with your full name and telephone number. We will let you know if they will be exhibited on September 21 so that you have plenty of time to print and display your photos. On the day of the exhibition you can come to exhibit them yourself from 11am.

The Exhibition

The “Summer in Alicante 2023” exhibition will take place at Ulab Alicante, a unique space that will provide the perfect setting to enjoy these marvelous images and the tales behind them. The exhibition will be open only on September 28 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of summer in Alicante! 

Join us at “Summer in Alicante 2023” and be part of the photography celebration! Submit your best shots and inspiring stories, and let’s paint a vibrant picture of summer through your lens and narratives.

Exhibition Date 28-Sept-2023



Entry email address : competition@redcat.es

ULab Email address : Info@ULab.es

ULab Address : Pza San Cristobal, 14 03002 Alicante (Spain)