We Are RedCat...

Raluca Photographer

Raluca started experimenting with photography when she was 17. After winning a magazine competition in her hometown of Bucharest at 18 she was hooked and worked tirelessly to expand her knowledge and portfolio. Her style is mostly influenced by great artists such as Tim Walker, Miles Aldridge, Pre-Raphaelite romantics and mind bending surrealists.

After over 10 years in the fashion and beauty industry, 5 years academic training and 2 years in a professional ecommerce studio in London she’s teamed up with her husband to produce RedCat Media.

Duncan began his journey in the tech world as a child, programming and gaming on his Spectrum ZX and Commodore Amiga. His endless curiosity and thirst for knowledge led him to rebuild and improve his own computers as a teen. This naturally progressed into a career spanning over 20 years in the IT industry, where he’s been the go to tech guy for media giants such as BBC and Mccann.

He’s always wanted to add some creativity into his job and Raluca always needed a right hand so they started working together on photoshoots.

Having felt the work life balance in London after almost 10 years was not sustainable, they decided to relocate to Spain and team up to create RedCat Media, where Raluca can use her artistic eye, wonderful whimsy and creativity and Duncan can provide the technical knowledge, problem solving and organisational skills.