Photoshoot Offer - Winter 2022
2 Hours for only €99!

We're running a Winter Offer!

This winter, from the 1st of November, we are offering a photoshoot up to two hours long for just €99. Read below for more details. 

What can I use it for?

Our offer is perfect for a model looking to update their book or an actor looking for new headshots. But that’s not all. If you have a new brand and you want to present yourself as the owner in a professional manner. If you want to impress any new potential employers with your professional linked in profile picture. If you’re an influencer looking to promote products or even if you’d just like some beautiful photos of yourself for your socials.

This kind of photoshoot is also perfect for a couple on holiday. We know how hard it can be to take photos together when it’s just the two of you. Maybe if you’re celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary.


Why a photoshoot instead of just taking selfies?

Selfies are fun but limiting. Smartphones cannot match the image quality of a DSLR. With a professional photographer comes years of expertise, different types of lenses and equipment to achieve different looks and post production skills. We use light reflectors to make sure your eyes sparkle and we can help you adjust your poses and expressions in real time, making it much faster and less tiring for you. 

How will the photoshoot go?

First we will discuss how you’d like the photos to look over email. The best way to ensure you get exactly what you want is to have a few inspirational images as guides. We will discuss clothing, location, time of day and any other appropriate details. Don’t worry, we can help with all of this if you’re not sure. We will decide on a date, time and location to meet that is convenient for everyone involved. 

On the photoshoot day we recommend that you arrive camera ready so we can get started right away. If you need professional make-up we can help by putting you in touch with one of our trusted make-up artists. 

In the first few minutes we will scope out any good shooting spots together around the location and get started. We will make sure to adjust any clothing that’s out of place or tidy up the background, we can help with posing if you’re not sure and we will show you images throughout the session to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. 

Post photoshoot we will adjust the images with colour and light correction as needed. We can also provide detailed retouching such as spot/ object removal, skin smoothing etc for a small extra charge. We will send you the images within 48h (unless otherwise agreed) via All you have to do is click on the link and download them. 


Terms and Conditions

“The Photographer” is Raluca Save. “The Client” is any person, body of persons, firm, or Company with whom the Photographer enters into a contract for the sale of goods or provision of services by the Photographer.

  1. Offer is valid only in Alicante (7km max from city centre). The Photographer can travel anywhere but there will be an extra charge. 
  2. Photoshoot can be indoor or outdoor only with natural light. The Photographer can provide additional lighting on request for an extra charge.
  3. The Client will receive a minimum of 30 processed photos. Processed refers to lighting and colour correction. If any detailing is needed such as spot removal, makeup correction, object removal, colour change etc this will incur an extra charge.
  4. The photoshoot will last 2h from the meeting time. 
  5. The Client can have as many outfit or location changes as long as they are within the time frame.
  6. Photos will be delivered within 48h via wetransfer link.
  7. Name, phone number and email will be required on booking. 
  8. If the subject is under 18 years old they will need a parent or guardian present. 
    1. The client agrees to take responsibility for their own safety during the photoshoot.