6 Tips to Sell and Increase your Property Value NOW!

These days when searching for a new home, the first place people will often look is online. This is why it is a good idea to hire a real estate photographer to take high quality photographs of your entire property. They will be the first thing any potential buyers look at to try and connect with their new home. Many homeowners will often try to save money by using photographs taken on their phones, while this can sometimes be sufficient, they are more often than not blurry, tight angled or too dark / too bright and simply don’t show the full character of their homes.

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Here are a few tips to help set the stage to photograph your property...

1 De-personalise and De-clutter.

When potential buyers are looking at your property they want to see a blank canvas they can then make their own, so tidy away magazines & newspapers, make sure all surfaces are clear and clean and remove any unsightly cables and clutter. This will make your property appear more spacious.

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2 Emphasise your curb appeal.

The first thing anyone does when visiting a new home is see the outside. If you can make the outside of your property look amazing in your pictures, you’re halfway there to getting a viewing and potential sale. Make sure everything is clean and tidy, that there are no weeds in your paving and your gravel drive is nicely raked. It all goes towards making your property look well cared for and loved.

3 Clean! Clean! Clean!

We know it’s tedious, but it really does make a difference. On reflective items, such as windows, mirrors, kitchen cupboards & white goods dust and streaks can show up very clearly in photographs. Give everything a good clean down before taking pictures to capture your home at it’s best.


4 Highlight your big selling points.

You know the best parts of your home, whether it be the large kitchen that’s great for cooking and entertaining or beautiful big bedrooms with en-suite and walk in wardrobes. You need to draw attention to these areas and get the viewer excited about seeing them.

5 Buyers care about photographs!

When you’re selling your home online, the very FIRST thing any potential buyers will look at is the photographs. Once the photos have captured their attention only then will they move onto the description.

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6 You will attract more attention with professional photographs.

It’s easy to tell the difference between amateur pictures and photographs taken by a professional real estate photographer. Professional photographs will attract more attention, allow for a higher asking price and because of that extra attention, increase your chances of getting that asking price!

There is no doubt that hiring a professional real estate photographer can help sell your home faster and at a higher value. Contact RedCat Media to get started, we can take beautiful photographs to help you sell your home faster and help you move on to your next adventure!